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5 Things To Do After Writing First Blog Post

ReadyHello to all new bloggers out there, After giving some tips to follow before writing first blog post, I am back with tips for bloggers who have written their first blog post. As I said in one of my blog posts, Good start is what determines the success of your blog. After publishing my post on tips for bloggers who publish their first blog posts, I sat down at a calm place and though “What one should do after his first post is published?” I noted down all the points came to my mind at that point of time and here I am, enclosing them, Read On :

After My First Blog Post I Should . . .

Try To attract more and more people on to my blog
After publishing your first post, you want people to get note of your blog. So you must try to attract more and more people. How do you do this? All the blog Guru insist only upon one thing, “Content is the King”. No one in this world wants to read some things that has no value or something which they know already. Try to get the best out of you in this crucial phase which is at the beginning. Don’t write something that’s published again and again. Try to write something unique, something innovative so that people expect more and more out of you in coming days.

Let the World know about your blog

1.Use Social Bookmarking Websites:
What are social bookmarking websites like facebook for? Social Interaction, isn't it? So get the people know that is something social about you. Lots of you will be having an account on social bookmarking websites,right? Just leave a status that ‘You are thinking about your next post’s title’ and leave a link of your blog. Obviously people like to know what their friends are better at, let them know. There are loads of social bookmarking sites, Don’t keep on dropping a status at each of them, instead you can use the service of which leaves same status at all these websites. You can go further by creating a Fan Page of your blog at these sites and make your blog more ‘Social Friendly’.
2.Submit your blog to some reputed directories
Personally, I don't think you will get traffic to your blog through this technique, but it is helpful from the SEO point of view if your blog is featured in one of those directories. Remember A Backlink from a high reputed website means a recommendation from him to your blog, So backlinks are important. Try to get as many backlinks as you can and see your blog rising up in terms of search engines.TechGyo has a list of some useful directories you can submit to. Don't submit your blog to too many directories. It will be a waste of time.
3.Start Writing Guest Posts
Many big blogs, these days, offer guest posting for readers and provide them with a link back. There are a huge number of readers who read these big blogs. Once they read your post, they surely will click on your link and will read your blog. Write a quality guest post so that readers can know that ‘there is some potential in this blogger’ . If they find some quality content in your blog, They surely will subscribe to your blog. I subscribe to a lot of feeds wherever I find quality. No one never wants to miss a such a quality article, right? So get the advantage of guest posting. Remember one thing, writing guest posts does not mean writing post at some random blog. Find a reputed blog in your niche(which writes on the same topic) and write a guest post for them.
4.Attract the Search engines
Search engines always are in search for new and unique content. So write a “SEO optimised effective post” and lure them to your blog. I will write sometime ahead on ‘How to write a SEO optimised post’?. For now write unique content and every time you write a post, inform search engines that they can find something new in my blog through pings. After you write a post, go to type in your blog URL and feed URL, check all the services and ping it. It informs search engine about your new content.
5.Write a Controversial Topic
This is really a effective way of generating topic, but is risky too. Suppose that your are blogging about Physics(My fav Subject), you would write something like “How sad it is to know that Newton derived a wrong equation to measure the speed of sound” . What it does is gets more people to indulge in the discussion, more comments, more reputation in eyes of google and more ranking. Open-mouthed smile
5.Don’t decrease the frequency of your blog posts.
Suppose you are writing a new article for every three days, some subscribers expect a new content that day. I check for some of the blogs very periodically who post very frequently. If I find, the content not updated, I come to check rarely. Even if you can’t write a post, write a small post that you are active and will post at this time. If you are taking long breaks. Put a notice on the blog that you have some work, you are busy till so and so day, So come back on that day for new content. This makes the readers believe that you are inactive. Look at the widget on right side, It says, “You can find new content on every Saturday”. You can also put a notice like that to get your readers known about updation of your blog. This is biggest problem I have found with bloggers that they dont update frequently.
Drop in your comments, what you think and how should one go about after starting his blog?
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