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Hey, Its Amit here. Well, I can write a thousand posts on blogger tips, but writing an about me page is painful because I dont understand what to write about myself. OK, I will try to give it a shot. I am a part time blogger and a student by full time.

I was inspired to start a blog by seeing my friends blog who shared about his family.I decided to start a blog and I chose to start with something like Computer Tricks. PC Tricks and Hacks has been my first blog. There was nothing much fun in there. There are those same tricks and same tips which thousands of blogs already give.So I started with Enhance Blogger.  I have already shared with you about 'Why I started this Blog '. You can refer to it here ->Starting Enhance Blogger. It has been a great journey so far with 'Enhance Blogger' and I am glad about the number of visitors increasing day by day. Hope this continues on and on. Right from the day I started blogging, I have been learning more from you guys than I am sharing.Its been a learning experience. I am sure most bloggers will have this opinion. I get to know so much everyday when I browse the net. OK, Thats enough about my blogging carrer and my blogs.

As I said, I am a student pursuing my II year at college. I am a science student.So Its been tough to cope up with both my blog and college. But, I am trying to publish atleast one post every three days, i.e two posts a week.

Right now, I am not on any social networking sites as I dont want to waste my time there. You can get in touch with me through emails. At last, if you like the tips I share, what I expect as a token of hard work that I put in is," through Comments." Just drop in a "Thank You" if you like the content. Thanks for passing by through this page . . .

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Amit M B
I am a student of 12th standard interested very much in computers, tech stuff and all. It has been a good experience blogging here for some time. As I am pursuing my 2nd year, its being hard to be in touch with blogging, but i daily write some or other thing and finally will get ready for posting every sunday. This is all about me . . .
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