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Installing a Blogger Template


Here are the steps you have to follow before you install a new blogger template to your blog. It’s Important to follow these steps for safety so that you don’t mess up your blog. So lets start.

1. Backup your current Blogger Template

In case a error occurs while you install your new template, you can revert back to old template if you back it up. So, Lets backup our template first.Backup Blogger Template

  1. Login to Blogger Dashboard, Click on Design.
  2. Go to Edit HTML.
  3. Click on Download Full Template.
  4. Save it as a safe location in your hard disk, You are done !

2. Backup your Blog Widgets

You don’t have to backup certain widgets like popular posts, recent posts and all others. You only need to backup blogger widgets that you have coded in HTML/Javascript form. Blogger --

  1. Go To Design Tab, Then to Page Elements.
  2. Click on Edit at the right corner of HTML/Javascript widget.
  3. Copy all the code present in the text box and Save it in a notepad file.
  4. You are Done!

3. Copy All Validation Codes and Analytics Codes

You have to copy all the codes given to you by various services like Google Analytics, Stat Counters, Webmaster tools code, Yahoo Explorer validation codes etc.

  1. You can find these codes yourself by a simple search
  2. Press Ctrl + F from your keyboard and search for keywords such as ‘msvalidate’ for google webmasters, ‘y_key’ for Yahoo Explorer,  ‘var _gaq’ for google analytics etc
  3. If you dont  find above codes or you find difficulty in locating and copying the codes, Login to your respective services and request for new codes.
  4. You can also copy the google adsense ad codes, Chitika ad codes and all such ad codes if you have ads displayed at your blog.
  5. You are Done !

4. Install New Template !

  1. You are ready to install your new template!
  2. Go to Design tab, then to  Edit HTML.
  3. Click on Browse,  Navigate to the template XML file location, Select it and Click Open.
  4. Then Click on Upload. You are Done, You have a new look to your blog

5. Follow the Instructions given by the Template Designer

This is very much self explanatory and I dont have to elaborate it right?

These are the steps you have to follow if you dont want to take any risks. Or Else you can mess up with your template.

OK, What to do if blogger creeps up with an error after you install your new blogger template. That’s easy!(only because you have backed up your old template.) Just revert back to old look by following the 4th step and choosing your old template file which you downloaded earlier.

Happy Blogging and Enjoy Brand new look of your template !

If you have any trouble installing the blogger template, just leave a comment and I will be there for you. I will try to help you with your new template.

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